Role and Use of Information Technology in Business Success

The role of information technology systems in a business environment can Be categorized into four broad classes. These classes include function performance, communication through media, management and business roles.Information technology Offers industrial and commercial systems for businesses. These programs enable businesses to work effectively and efficiently.


Function IT Systems

Function IT systems are software that allow individuals to work Effectively at work. Examples of common IT systems that improve workplace functions are word processor applications, spreadsheet applications, statistical analysis software and computer aided design CAD programs. Employees may work and perform their job individually or jointly using these specialized software technologies.

Network IT Systems

Network IT systems permit effective communication inside and outside an organisation. Examples range from simple email electronic mail to sites, wiki sites, IM instant messaging and electronic conferencing systems. These kinds of technologies encourage interaction and cooperation among working classes and facilitate rapid information flow at all levels.

Management IT systems

Management IT systems can be described as planned Applications which are designed to process data and transform the processed data into useful information for management decision making.It should be noted that Management Information systems MIS are subsets of Enterprise IT systems this is explained later on in this article. However, due to the very important role MIS play in a business environment, it is considered here as a significant information technology for businesses.In a typical situation, management functions at different levels and so it Is likely to employ management information systems at these diverse levels.Basic examples of management information systems are human resources management systems, financial management information systems and marketing management information systems.

Enterprise IT Systems

Enterprise IT systems are technology designed to integrate and manage Entire business processes for large businesses. Generally, enterprise application software is hosted on big servers over a computer system. Transmission of information can either be external or internal.Examples of business data systems may be accounting applications, Healthcare specific software or Electronic Data Interchange. Another fantastic example of software application in this class is Customer relationship management software.The use of Information technology in business is broad and diverse. It Can be said that it gives an enormous variety of capabilities that enhance Management functionality at all levels. It is therefore important to understand the four big categories of IT systems and their functions and functions in a business environment.